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GOBermondsey’s cockpit is a comprehensive management software designed to enhance the operational efficiency and effectiveness of coworking spaces, office hubs, and flexible workspaces of all scales. It streamlines the user experience by seamlessly connecting individuals with the wide range of resources and services available within their workplace environment.

Problem Statement

As the trend of coworking spaces continues to grow, effective management of these spaces presents significant challenges. Running a coworking space involves a multitude of tasks, including workspace booking and management, invoicing and payment collection, member activity tracking, inventory management, and seamless communication with members. The sheer volume of these responsibilities places considerable strain on the coworking space owner or manager, making it challenging to ensure smooth operations and efficiency.
In an effort to address these obstacles, the space owner has adopted two primary tools: COBOT, a coworking space management solution, and Outlook, for internal booking purposes. However, as the business expands, the cost of using COBOT, which is based on a per-user pricing model for managers, members, and admins, has become increasingly expensive, necessitating the need of alternatives solutions.


To streamline these operations. Inhouse Multi-space coworking management software (Cockpit) was proposed to help automate many of the tasks involved in running a coworking space, such as:
  1. Booking and managing workspaces
  2. Generating invoices, payment
  3. Tracking member activity
  4. Managing inventory
  5. Automating Insights/ Reports
The above in addition to the companion website, Garden Office Bermondsey ( GO Bermondsey) to provide a better user experience and market their space.


  • Streamlined operations
  • Improved member experience
  • Increased efficiency
  • Enhanced marketing


  • Dashboard: The dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of your workspace, including a real-time view of bookings, occupancy, and revenue. You can use the dashboard to track your space usage, identify trends, and make informed decisions about your business.
  • Member Profiles: Member profiles allow individual coworking space members to access their personal accounts, where they can view and manage their bookings, including reserved workspaces and meeting rooms. Additionally, members can access their invoices, making it convenient for them to keep track of their financial transactions and payment history within the coworking space.
  • Automate Access with Getkissi: Getkissi is an access control solution that seamlessly integrates with the coworking space management system. It automates the access control process, enabling members to enter the workspace using their mobile or access cards. This automated system ensures a smooth entry and exit experience for members, enhancing security and eliminating the need for manual check-ins.
  • Booking Engine with real time space optimisation algorithm: The booking engine allows members to book workspaces in your coworking space. The booking engine is powered by a real-time space optimization algorithm that ensures that all workspaces are used efficiently.
  • Highly Customizable Plans: This feature allows coworking space operators to create flexible membership plans tailored to the diverse needs of their members.
  • User management: To manage users in your coworking space. You can create and manage user accounts, assign permissions, and track user activity.
  • Automated Billing & Invoicing: The system automatically generates invoices based on the members’ chosen workspace, eliminating manual invoicing efforts. This feature also facilitates convenient online payment processing, improving cash flow and reducing administrative burdens.
  • Radius Server Integration: Radius server is a networking feature that enables secure Wi-Fi access for coworking space members. By integrating with a Radius server, the coworking space management system can authenticate and authorize members’ devices to connect to the Wi-Fi network, ensuring secure and controlled access for authorized users.
  • Manage multiple spaces hasslefree: For coworking spaces with multiple locations or branches, this feature allows centralized management of all spaces from a single platform.
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