Dollar and Thrifty

Enhanced rental experience

Dollar and Thrifty: enhanced rental experience

Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group was a car rental company operating Dollar Rent A Car and Thrifty Car Rental. Acquired by Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. in 2012, it offered affordable rental options before becoming part of Hertz’s portfolio.

The challenge

  1. Client requirement: Switch existing websites to a new framework with improved CMS and user journey.
  2. Tight timeframe: Launch 4 websites in less than 3 weeks, and 22 websites in under 4 weeks.
  3. Two brands, different guidelines: Dollar and Thrifty have separate design guidelines.
  4. Multilingual setup: 16 different languages across 26 markets need to be incorporated.
  5. Salvaging information: Existing websites to be salvaged using web archive.

Approach and technology

We suggested reusing the existing design with the latest web framework for faster template adaptation. Additionally, we included resources with XML booking journey expertise to speed up the process.
  1. Custom CMS on Laravel framework
  2. Streamlined booking journey with user-friendly details
  3. Location search filter with Thrifty, Dollar, Hertz customization
  4. Prepaid & Pay at location payments
  5. 3DS2 for card security
  6. Flexible market customization
  7. Modification & cancellation feature
  8. Efficient emailer for confirmations/cancellations
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