Fit-Out and Customer Onboarding Automation

Fit-Out and Customer Onboarding Automation

DLF Limited is the largest commercial real estate developer in India.
The Camellias is the latest residential offering in DLF’s acclaimed super-luxury portfolio. Over the years, these super-luxury residences have set pioneering benchmarks in offering unparalleled amenities, gorgeous views and truly personalized service. The Camellias assimilates stunning architecture, breathtaking landscape design and the learning from DLF’s best developments across India to deliver a living experience far superior to anything experienced to date.

Problem Statement

For Camellias, DLF wanted to ensure a smooth customer onboarding process for their customer digitally and guide them through the Fit out approval process smoothly.
This process involves sharing a large number of architectural drawings through a set of approvals.

Envigo created a platform which could provide visibility and transparency for a multi-step approval, multi-party customer onboarding process involving DLF’s customers, their architects, DLF’s architects and building administrators. 


  1. Automated Workflow with configured routing logics for the fit out process.
  2. Digital tasks to input & verify information in segregated features like HVAC, electrical etc
  3. Detailed reports at multiple user levels.
  4. Dedicated User portals for Customers, Coordinators, Consultants and Admin.
  5. Secured & centralised unit wise fit out drawings repository
  6. One click Data Archival

Benefits Gained

Single Platform: Everything on one portal with reduced TAT for 429 flats x 13 set of drawings x N-times reviews

Increased productivity: Latest taks, documents and updates at your fingertips, save hours tracking down information.

100% Compliance & Reduced re-work: Standardised tasks and processes with fully flexible forms to prevent errors.

Secure data and file storage: No more lost documents, keep everything in the cloud.

Real Time Insights: To monitor overall progress and have a bird eye view of all the apartments

Remote operations: Sign off work completed from any location.

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